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Learning More About Xigua

Xigua (pronounced She-gwah) is the Chinese word for watermelon. Since we already have a fairly thorough article about watermelons loaded with facts and info all about the watermelon, we've slipped this short article in mainly because xigua is about the only fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter x in our alphabet.

xigua pieces - aka watermelon

Let's learn a little bit more about Xigua...

How the Word Xigua Became Popular in Many English Speaking Households

A children's book called "Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z" written by Lois Ehlert brought attention to the word Xigua. Kids enjoy the book because it describes many exotic fruits (like xigua, jicama and even the ugli fruit) which may not be so common. Parents enjoy the book because it presents fruits and vegetables in a positive light.

The xigua is synonymous with watermelon, the sweet melon produced in over 1200 different varieties worldwide.

Because 95% of the food value is in the rind and white parts of the watermelon, it's not surprising to find this fruit at the top of most avid juicers' lists. 

Recent studies are placing high value in the melon's powerful health benefits.

New studies are currently underway which may raise this sweet tasting fruit even higher on the list of healthy foods!

The next time you think about Xigua... think watermelon and how they might add a powerful boost to your daily nutrition through juicing.

Additional Information for Xigua (Watermelon)

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